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From 1911 Jack Seaborn Wilcox's birth to Betty (nee Edith Elizabeth Lomas Norton) Wilcox's death in 2002 
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A timeline with world history notes
1910 Aug 25 “Betty" Norton born at Quirindi, NSW on 'Blythswood' a sheep property.
1911 Jun 14 Jack Wilcox born
1912 "Okinya" was extended.
    1912 Australian History Geelong: First Australian public telephone exchange installed
    Commonwealth Bank opens as a savings bank
    The Wattle is declared Australia's national flower
    1913 World History Notes Henry Ford Creates Assembly Line
1913 Business was getting difficult and Jack's father George had a nervous breakdown.     He and Venie went to England to see relatives. On the way back
    war broke out. They returned in he ship "Beltana", (or "Mooltan"?) via Cape Horn,
    South Africa.
    1914 World History Notes World War 1. Panama Canal Officially O    pened
    1914 Australian History Australia's white population 4,971,778
1914 George's condition got worse on his return and he was in and out of hospital (Venie
    had to have a nurse to be always with him) and felt himself too big a burden to the
1915 July 14 or 15 George Seaborn died. He shot himself and was found in the
    bedroom by Alan. He was buried in the family vault at the Waverley cemetery at     Watson’s Bay.
1917 Sept 5 George senior died in great pain. (Phlebitis in both legs.)
1918 George Wilcox & Co. became Wilcox Mofflin Ltd.
    1918 World History Notes Electric light
    1918 World History Notes Treaty of Versailles Ends World War I
    1919 World History Notes Short wave radio invented. First direct wireless
    message from the UK to Australia
    1919 Australian History Ross and Keith Smith fly from England to Australia
    by airplane.
1920 Jack's Sister Rita went to China returned in 1921 and did medicine at Sydney Uni.
    1920 World History Notes First Commercial Radio Broadcast Aired
1937 ACELEC (Alan Crook Electrical Company) formed. Jack formed a partnership with
    Alan and later Greg Kater. The company later became Electrical Equipment of
    1921 Australian History Australia's white population 5,510,944
1926 Rita Wilcox awarded Bachelor of Medicine & Master of Surgery, 24th April, from
    Sydney University
    1927 Australian History Federal Parliament opened by Duke of York at the
    Commonwealth capital, Canberra.
    1930 Australian History Sydney: The 2 spans of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    are joined
1932 July 17 Constance "Venie" Wilcox died in England.
    1932 Australian History Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
1932 Dec 6 Jack & Betty married. Lived 4 years at Gordon, Sydney
    1933 Australia's white population 6,656,695
1934 Mar 10 Venie Elizabeth born
1936 Sept 18 Sidney John (Sid) born
    1936 World History Notes King George VI, from Dec. 11 1936
1937 ACELEC (Alan Crook Electrical Company) formed. Jack formed a partnership with
    Alan and later Greg Kater. The company later became Electrical Equipment of
1938 Mar 25 James Seaborn (Jim) born
    Jack & Bet moved to "Okinya" which Jack bought from his brother and sisters..
    1939 Australian History Black Friday bushfires rage from South Australian border to Gippsland and NSW. 71 people       die
    1939 World History Notes World War 2
    1941 World History Notes Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor
1941 Oct 26 George Edward born
1941 Jack bought 2 houses in Leura, NSW in the Blue Mountains
1941 Jack's family moved to Leura
1941 Jack joined the army as a private and trained to be a Leutenant. First at Puckapunal.
    Jack served in the Royal Australian Engineers and was a training officer at Penrith
    NSW, and then served in New Guinea
    1942 Australian History Darwin bombed and Rabaul captured by Japanese
    1944 World History Notes D Day. Invasion of europe, June 6
    1945 World History Notes End war in Europe May1945
    Atomic Bomb invented. End World War 2
    Helicopter invented
    First Computer Built (ENIAC)
    1945 Australian History Ben Chifley 13 Jul 1945 16th Prime Minister
1946 Jack's family moved back to “Okinya”, Darling Point, Sydney.
1946 Sid and Jim remained at boarding school at Leura until the end of the year.
1946 Sept 24 Twins, Mymie Alice (later Isti) and Elizabeth Gai (Gai) born
1947 Sid and Jim boarders at Tudor House school, Moss Vale.
1947 Jack bought Beresford Electrics.
    1947 Australia's white population 7,580,820
    1948 World History Notes "Big Bang" Theory Formulated
    1948 Australian History The first all Australian car is produced-the Holden
    1949 Australian History Robert Menzies 19 Dec 1949 Prime Minister for the
    2nd time starting a 16-year term.
    1949 Australian History Beginning of Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric
    Scheme, completed in 1972.
    1952 World History Notes Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, from Feb. 6
1952 Bet & Jack invited guests to watch the coronation celebrations on Sydney Harbour
    from Okinya.
    1952 World History Notes 1st Hydrogen bomb
1953 Sept 4 “Okinya” burned down
    1954 World History Notes Oral contraceptive
    1954 Australia's white population 9,089,936
    1956 Australian History First TVs in Australia
1956 Aug 9 Jack died with cancer of the stomach at age 45
1957 Bet and family moved to the Gordon house
    1957 World History Notes Soviet Satellite Sputnik Launches Space Age
1958 Bet bought the Castlecrag house and the family moved there.
1958 July 16 Venie married Manfred Joseph Schulenberg
    1959 World History Notes Microchip
    1961 Australian History Woman fined for being "unsuitably dressed" wearing
    a bikini at Bondi Beach
    1961 World History Notes Berlin wall built.
    1st man in space.
    1962 World History Notes Audio cassette
1963 Mar 25 James (Jim) married Martha Hale
1966 Mar 15 Sidney (Sid) married Catherine Downs Tidd
    1966 Australian History Australia's white population 11,704,843
    1966 Australian History Australia changes over to decimal currency
1966 Mar 4 George married Gwenneth Marriott Dalway
    1969 World History Notes 1st moon landing
1971 Sept 24 Helena ("Nan") died at Castlecrag, Sydney  Nan lived from the horse and buggy                                     until man on the moon!
1971 Dec 11 Gai married Jeffery Roberts Woolhouse
1972 Apr 19 Mymie married Edward George (Peter) Jenkins
    1972 Australian History Gough Whitlam 06 Dec 1972 21st Prime Minister
    1972 World History Notes Word Processor (1971 VCR's)
    1973 Australian History The Sydney Opera House opens
    1975 Australian History Malcolm Fraser 11 Nov 1975 22nd Prime Minister
    1975 Australian History Australia's population 13,968,881
    Aboriginal Australians included from 1971
    First colour broadcast ABC TV
    1977 World History Notes First PC's. 1979 Cell phones. 1981 IBM PC
    1981 Australia's population 15,054,117
    1983 World History Notes Mobile phones sold commercially
    1983 Australian History 11 Mar 1983 23rd Prime Minister
    1984 World History Notes Apple Mackintosh. 1985 Windows program
1987 Betty at age 77 moved to Lindfield Gardens Retirement Village
    1989 World History Notes Nov. 9 Berlin Wall Falls
    1990 World History Notes World Wide Web
    1991 World History Notes Collapse of Soviet Union
    Australia's population 17,387,023
    1991 Australian History Paul Keating 20 Dec 1991 24th Prime Minister
    1993 World History Notes Use of the Internet Grows Exponentially
    1994 World History Notes Channel Tunnel Opens, Connecting Britain and
    1996 Australia's population 18,420,320
1996 Betty at age 85 moved to Rosewood Gardens, Ashburton in Melbourne
    1996 John Howard 11 Mar 1996 25th Prime Minister
    2001 Australia's population 19,529,274
2002 Aug 22 Betty died just before age 92.