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Hague-Smith History 1853 to 1971 


Samuel Hague-Smith married Mary Ann Lomas in  in Derbyshire.

New Zealand Herald 4th July 1917 page 8 : MR. S. HAGUE SMITH: A well-known citizen of Auckland in the early days died recently in Sydney in the person of Mr. S. Hague Smith. With his brother, Mr. John Hague Smith, the late Mr. Smith had a large hardware business in this city. They came from Grantham, Lincolnshire, England in the ship Mataoka, in 1859. When the Thames goldfields were discovered, the late Mr. Smith ran a service of steamers between Auckland and Thames, the two vessels employed for the purpose being the paddle steamers Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince Alfred. Some years ago Mr. Smith was the Sydney representative of the New Zealand Insurance Company. Until quite lately he was Sydney manager for the Colonial Mutual Fire Insurance Company. - Auckland Star 20th November 1907 page 6

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Samuel Hague-Smith was born in Loncolnshire, England in 1930.

Smith fought during the Maori wars and was rewarded with a block of land on Auckland's waterfront at Northcote. He arrived in New Zealand in 1859 and established himself as an Ironmonger and shipowner based in Auckland.

He minted the first pennies. The Museum Victoria catalogue gives an approximate year of issue for his tokens as c.1862.

He moved to Sydney in 1872 and lived at “Sherbourne”. Nelson St., Woolahra.

In 1890 he was a manager in New Zealand Insurance Company, Sydney

He became a director of the Colonial Mutual Life Insurance Company.

He died in Sydney June 20 1917 at “Craigmyle”, Burns road,Wahroonga, NSW, Australia

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Marianne Lomas born in Sheffield, England in 1816.

In 1861 she was living in MacClesfield, West MacClesfield

Mary Ann Smith wife of Samuel Hague Smith was buried in 1872, in the Weslyan section of Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland.

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Samuel Hague-Smith & Marianne (Marie Ann) Lomas

Parents of 9 children (Samuel's 1st marriage)

In England

1. Henry (hated his stepmother and changed name to Lomas-Smith)

2. Hannah m. Walker

3. Marianne (Sis or Minnie)


4. Samuel (Hague)

5. Edith (Hague)

6. Arthur

7. Adelaide (Addie) m. Fairfax

8. Florence

9. Helena (Nan) m. Billy Norton

Her mother died and as a baby she came from New Zealand to Sydney, Australia

Samuel Hague-Smith & Elise de Bougy (2nd wife of Samuel)

Parents of 4 children

1. Elise

2. Alice Hague-Smith had a 30 acre property

3. Burdett de Bougy Hague-Smith

4 Celwin