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 Thomas Wilcox (born 1777c) certificateof discharge


Discharge Certificate of Thomas Wilcox (born about 1777), dated 13 March 1816 

His trade is shown as a fellmonger (currier/tanner), he served 3 periods as a private soldier between 1799 and 1816

He was serving at the time of the Battle of Waterloo on 15th June 1815 so he was quite likely there on the battlefield.
He died in St. Neots, England in 1817.

Mary Willcocks (born 1778?), Death Certificate  Dec. 31 1837



Joseph Wilcox (born 1812) Death Certificate 17 May 1893


 Death Certificate of Joseph Wilcox (born 1812) dated 17th May 1893

His occupation is recorded as a Retired Wollen Draper

 Mary (Wilcocks) Bushell (born 1813), Marriage Certificate Dec 8 1844


Fanny Wilcox - Married 1st September, 1888


 George Seaborn Wilcox married 23rd August 1889

Birth Certificate of Jack seaborn Wilcox




Marriage Certificate of Jack Seaborn Wilcox 6th Dec. 1932






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