Jack Seaborn Wilcox Ancestors Family and Descendants

Jack & Bet (1950c)

Welcome to the Okinya Wilcox Site

Welcome to the Okinya Wilcox Site

Website being developed for the "Okinya" Wilcoxes by Sid (Sidney) Wilcox.
Family Trees, histories, notes and documents from Jack Seaborn Wilcox's earliest known ancestor Thomas Wilcox b. 1777c & Mary ? b.1778c through to Jack & Betty's children and including family trees and notes for Welman, Norton and Hague-Smith ancestors.

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 "Okinya" & Ancestor Photos -

                  Okinya was built in 1898 by George Seaborn Wilcox                 Constance Navena Wilcox (nee Welman) 1900?
OKINYA (1925)

                      Okinya Cubby House & Tennis Court                                                Okinya Swimming Pool c1937

Okinya front entrance

      OKINYA was burnt down in September 1953

Units on the "Chollerton", "Yalalunga" & "Okinya" sites where the three Wilcox homes once stood at Darling Point
Okinya Pier 
The original site of Okinya as part of the Chollerton property

In 1957 the Okinya site was sold and "Santina" was built on the site.
Betty and family moved to Gordon and then Castlecrag in 1958.

The view of Sailor's Bay from Betty's Castlecrag home in c1969