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        Photos of Okinya and George Seaborn and Venie Wilcox

Wilcox History 1870 to 1932

From 1800c (Thomas Wilcocks) to 1932 (Venie Wilcox's death)

Wilcox History 1910 to 2002

From 1911(Jack Seaborn Wilcox's birth) to 2002 (Betty Wilcox's death)

Wilcox Family Trees

      Family Tree charts & notes

       1. From Thomas Wilcocks to George (Snr) Wilcox and his children including George Seaborn

       2. George & Annie and their children including Jack Seaborn

       3. Jack & Betty Wilcox and their children

Venie Wilcox nee Welman

      Family Tree Charts and a link to historical notes back to Venie's convict ancestor

       1. The father's ancestors of Venie Wilcox nee Welman

       2. The mother's ancestors Venie Wilcox nee Welman

           Welman History & Notes

             A chronological history of Venie's father

               1772 Harvey Welman in Ireland through to 1932 Venie's death in Sydney, Australia

Norton & Hague-Smith

       A summary of Norton and Hague- Smith history

         Norton's from James I 1795 through to Helena's (Nan Norton) death in 1971

         Notes on Betty's father Ernest Norton (Fa Fa)

         James I & II Norton Summary

         Hague-Smith's from Samuel's marriage in 1853 to his death in 1917

       Norton Photos

         Photos of Betty's mother and her brother and sisters

        Norton Tree

         A chart of the Norton ancestors of Betty Wilcox back to James Norton 1775

       Hague-Smith Tree

        To be added

Jack's Children Trees

       Charts of the families of Jack's 6 children and their children

Wilcox Family Photos

      Photos of Jack's ancestors and of Jack & Bet

     Jack's Family Photos

     Venie's Family Photos

     Sid's Family Photos

     Jim's Family Photos

     George's Family Photos

     Mymie's (Isti) Family Photos

     Gai's Family Photos

     Relations of Jack's and Bet's Children

Wilcox Reunion Sept. 2005

  Photos at the family reunion held at Venie and Manfred's Farm

Wilcox Story told by Sydney in 1938

Story as told by Sidney Wilcox, eldest son of George Wilcox and elder brother of George Seaborn , to Alan Wilcox, his nephew, in May 1938   

Okinya Story told by Rita in 1981

The story of Okinya (Home of George Seaborn) and the Wilcox history

Trees and Histories as PDF's

       The Wilcox, Welman and Norton Tree Charts and Histories in expanded and easier to view and read format

Wilcox, Norton, Hague-Smith Historical Notes and Documents as PDF's

        Notes recorded by Rita Cudmore (nee Wilcox) & Alan Wilcox and other documents & newspaper articles

        Biographies and historical notes

      More documents will be added as they become available

Certificates & Documents

        Images of the following -

        Thomas Wilcox (1777c) Discharge Certificate 1816

        Mary Willcocks (?)  Death Certificate 1837

       Joseph Wilcox (1812) Death Certificate 1893

       Mary (Wilcox) Bushell (1813) (Marriage Certificate 1844


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